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The importance of internal policies, do you recognise these 10 key questions when managing road risk?

February 12, 2013

· Road crashes have a social, legal, reputational and financial consequence for a business.
· In order to ensure your company is complying with the law, management must take effective steps to manage road risk.
· One way to ensure your company is operating within regulations is to health check your organisation, determining whether your policies are fit for purpose.

 10 key questions highlighting the importance of internal policies that you could use to health check your own company’s policies on road risk management:

1. Does my organisation’s health and safety policy include work related road safety?

2. Does my organisation have top-level commitment, accountability and responsibility for work related road safety?

3. Is there monitoring of the cost to the company of collisions year-on-year, collision rates and analysis of vehicle fuel consumption compared to distance travelled?

4. Are collision investigation arrangements contributing to organisational learning?

5. Are driving licences checked at least annually online and do we increase the frequency of checks on drivers with more than 6 points?

6. Do we assess and profile our drivers individually?

7. Is there an explicit company policy banning use of mobile phones while driving?

8. Does my organisation verify the condition of grey fleet vehicles and do the drivers of those vehicles have adequate business insurance cover?

9. Does my company issue guidance on avoiding fatigue such as taking regular breaks?

10. Do my company drivers know and apply the rules of the road?


Ian Brooks, Consultant, Compliance Bureau.

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