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Bespoke Consultancy

Our advice based on 200 years of policing experience in the public and private sector allows us to mitigate and manage your legal and moral obligations so benefitting your staff, your assets and your reputation. Policing expertise in accident and incident analysis offers efficiency options so reducing your costs through our thorough understanding and implementation of risk improvements. Your current risk level will diminish due to our wide-ranging risk assessment giving you certainty in future risk based protection.

Our practical legislation and procedural knowledge will make staff output more cost effective, so enhancing your bottom line as we will clarify your options. Education, encouragement and enforcement of risk based assessment and implementation will deliver an improved company risk attitude and staff culture , so advantageously bringing about reductions in staff downtime and attrition rates so enhancing productivity.

  • We will make a difference to your company or organisation so reducing the risks involved in driving at work.
  • You will receive guidance and continuing support to deliver safe driving at work.  We will mentor management and staff so delivering the companies aims in a safer way.
  • A unique team of independent former police officers experienced in roads policing and delivering advice to managers of fleets of all types and sizes.
  • The experience of the team includes practical management roles in commercial fleet operations at various levels as well as regulatory roles.
  • With commercial vehicle education roles they have managed the ‘old hands’ and proved the process.
  • The consultancy offers support to develop policies, organisational arrangements, management procedures, monitoring and review.
  • Through professional analytical skills consultants can assist in making board level presentations for managing change.  Extending to reviewing crash data held by companies to offer areas of organisational learning.
  • Compliance Bureaus consultancy provides a springboard to change traditional views and working practices delivering a reduction in incidents.
  • We provide a cost effective method of displaying the duty of care to employees and a strong outward facing display of corporate social responsibility.  Through our continuing support your company will have a realistic and sustainable process for fleet management.