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We help you to ensure your business manages its drivers so they drive safely in a risk reduced environment and continually improve your businesses and their safety track record.

Our services, to reduce your accident collision and incident risks, are highly cost-effective. They are available from just £650 – meaning you can save money and protect your organisation. So you have no excuse.

Simply request a quick risk assessment

In doing so you will:

  • Reduce insurance costs by up to 65%.
  • Reduce the risk of future accident collisions – increasing vehicle re-sale values.
  • Comply with all relevant legislation and regulations.
  • Reduce your personal and company risk of prosecution
  • Reduce vehicle accident collision costs such as:
    • Vehicle repair costs
    • Paperwork costs
    • Management time
    • Lost meetings and failure to make customer drop offs and deliveries
    • Replacement vehicle costs
    • Damage to reputation costs
    • Employee time-off costs
    • Low moral and reduce in-office productivity costs
    • Legal costs
    • Human misery and devastated, wrecked, lives – for those injured – and their carers.

Please complete the five minute Risk Assessment Form and we can start to drive your compliance.

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